Depression free after 40 years

It is hard to describe how wonderful it is to be finally free from the all pervasive feelings of depression which have dominated the whole of my adult life.  How could I not have known it was the nitrazepam.  Well, very easily.  I needed a drug to control myoclonic epilepsy. The sudden change in my mental and physical health over the next two months were never associated with the drug and my own cognitive abilities were severely compromised.  A referral to the psychiatric services followed and thereafter it was assumed that I had a depressive illness.  I accepted this diagnosis and the rest of my life was based on this assumption.  I did wonder sometimes if the nitrazepam might be making this underlying illness worse but it never once occurred to me that it was the underlying cause. I also assumed that I still had epilepsy and that coming off the drug was not really an option.

Finally at age 61, I feel mentally and emotionally well and ready to enjoy the rest of my life.  I just need my cognitive abilities and physical functioning to return to normal and all will be well.



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