Publishing my life story

After last night’s disastrous attempt to make my manuscript into a book via Blurb, I have asked a publishing company to do it for me.  I am sure they will make a better job than I have done so far.  I am sure it is all very simple really and I think I did pretty well uploading my manuscript and producing an acceptable but very over-priced paperback book.  Even I would not pay that much to buy it!!  Well, I did order one copy just to see what it looks like then I deleted it from the website so that no-one else can see it.  I am just wondering what happens to the ISBN number that has been allocated to it but I guess I should not worry too much about that.

The process of writing my life story has been an enjoyable one and I guess it has got quite a lot out of my system.  It will also serve as reminder in future if my memory gets even worse than it is at the moment.  Benzodiazepine withdrawal has given me a taste of what dementia might be like, but just a taste thankfully.  My short term memory and concentration were completely shot to pieces for months but both are recovering well.  It is easier to cope with the lack of physical functioning.  As long as I can use my brain, I can occupy myself quite well without ever leaving my bed.

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