The sun is shining

It is the middle of summer but we haven’t seen very much of the sun this year.  Today, however, it is shining and I sat outside for half an hour.  This was another momentous occasion in my slow recovery.  My friends gave me a folding chair for my birthday last month especially for the purpose of enjoying the sun and so today I have done that.  One of my neighbours stopped to chat and that was really nice.  Benzodiazepine withdrawal has robbed me of human company for two years and every conversation is truly valued.  Electronic communication is a great substitute but just not quite the same as seeing someone in the flesh.

I also walked down the street to the little supermarket because I really fancied an ice cream.  Sadly the chocolate ice cream lolly that I ended up with didn’t taste as I had imagined it would.  I felt quite ill by the time I got back home, not because of the ice cream but just because of the effort involved getting to the shop and back.

I was sad to see that Cilla Black has died.  She has been a TV star for as long as I can remember and it is just a shame that she is no longer with us.

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