An excess of plums

Today has been a good day really.  I slept so well despite being awake half the night.  I was proofreading my manuscript again.  A late night email from the publisher gave me some more work to do.  He has designed a lovely cover and the photos are positioned better than I had been able to do.

I had a long phone chat with E in the afternoon then went for a walk round the complex and down to the little supermarket for a chocolate ice lolly to keep me going as I walked back up the hill.

A few minutes of panic were experienced when the light on the boiler started flashing but pressing the reset button did the trick.  Still have not heard from the plumber.  Maybe my new boiler will come this week. My shopping came in the evening.  Six punnets of plums and two satsumas.  Not quite what I expected.  Must have been clicking on the wrong button again.  One squashed loaf of bread.  Must have had the ream of paper on top of it.

Ah well, I do not let these little upsets in life bother me now.  Too many real problems in the world to think about.

Like my book.  Publisher now tells me it will cost £20 if photos are in colour yet I can get it for about £7 from Blurb.  I wonder why that is.  I have sent him an email and await his reply and explanation with interest. Life can be quite interesting even when one is at home most of the time.

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