Made a video clip today

It hasn’t been a good day.  Not feeling very well so have hardly been out of bed.  Cognitive functioning not so good and physical functioning poor.  Of course the two go hand in hand.  However, I did do one good thing.  I made a video clip and uploaded it onto Youtube.  Of course I don’t know if anyone will watch it although I have sent to a few friends so they may take a look.  It is just nice to be able to do small things like that.  I didn’t find it too difficult to talk on the video and I only recorded it once. And of course I added it to my website. I am happy.

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2 Responses to Made a video clip today

  1. Lily says:

    Hello Fiona,

    Thank you for making this video to share with others who will be encouraged by it as they move ahead in their own taper off Benzos and into healing.

    I loved seeing your smile in the last few minutes of this. Wish I could give you a hug, my friend. You have done so well and I am so happy for you and very proud of you, too.

    Love to you,
    Lily (Lilyagain)


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