Got on a bus!!

Woke up today feeling much better compared to yesterday but it was raining and it has rained the whole day. Decided to go out for a walk despite the weather.  Well, it wasn’t much fun getting wet so I hopped on a bus and went into town.  It isn’t very far, just 15 minutes on the bus.  I guess I knew deep down it wasn’t really a good idea and I certainly felt pretty awful most of the time.  Decided to have a cup of coffee just because I wanted to do something.  It was enjoyable enough but I just wanted to get home and go back to bed.  My legs were very heavy, my face, arms and hands all became numb and started to hurt, then there were these heavy weights pressing down on my lungs so I couldn’t breathe properly.  Even looking in a shop was out of the question.  I resisted the urge to get a taxi and waited for the bus to come back home.

The rest of the day has been spent in bed recovering and of course my mood has dipped because of my unsuccessful trip.  However, at least I did it and I will have a baseline comparison for future trips.  The next one is bound to be a lot better.


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