My book came in the post

On the upside, my book arrived in the post from Blurb.  Haven’t been up to reading it today to see if I am happy with it but it looks nice and the quality of the economy paper is fine.  I had ordered standard paper for the previous copy and that was far too expensive.  With the economy paper the book costs £7 which isn’t so bad.  It is just a pity that it has to be shipped from the US.

While in town today I looked at Antonia Fraser’s memoirs and tried to read a bit but I couldn’t do that either.  Hers are twice as long as mine and twice the price for a hardback copy.  Just because she is famous and I am not does not mean that her story is more important but no doubt it will prove more attractive to potential readers.  She is of course a much better writer than I am so I suppose that does make a difference!!

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