A bad day

Today is a bad day but nothing like as bad as yesterday.  The heavy weights have lifted off my lungs so breathing is much easier.  However, my brain is not allowing me to function.  Typing is difficult, I am unable to read or watch TV, I managed a few word puzzles but even they are difficult.  I can hardly believe that I have recently managed to write a book!!  It may not be the best book in the world but at least it is a book!!  Now, just trying to think is difficult.

Ah well, nothing new in all this, you will be saying.  These ups and downs are part and parcel of benzo withdrawal.  They certainly are but the further up you go the worse the downs seem to be.  But I know this will pass and tomorrow might just be a lot better.  I hope everyone going through benzo withdrawal will have a better day tomorrow.

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