Breathing is easier again

I am so relieved that the pressure has lifted from my brain and lungs and breathing is getting easier.  I do not want to go through that again.  I managed to go to the corner shop for milk.  It is a lovely day here, a bit breezy but mild.  I would have loved to go for a long walk but it was nice just to get out for a little while.  Back in bed again with my trusty laptop for company.  Thank you very much for popping in with comments.  It sure does help.  I don’t usually get lonely but I have felt rather isolated and vulnerable these past few days.  Hopefully things are going to get better again.

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2 Responses to Breathing is easier again

  1. says:

    Glad to hear you got out today.😊
    Every accomplishment is a sign of healing. ❤️


  2. fhfrench says:

    Thank you so much. Hugs.


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