Brain pressure has lifted

It has been another bad day but not quite as bad as not being able to breathe.  Downward pressure on my brain the whole time making any sort of physical or cognitive functioning extremely difficult.  Did manage a walk in the afternoon but it didn’t help.  Also had a bath and washed my hair.  Made no difference.

About 6.00 pm I went to the toilet and it was like an explosion!!! The pressure lifted from my brain immediately.  There is definitely a link between the brain pressure and the fact that my anal muscles won’t work properly.  I hope this event is a breakthrough and going to the toilet might become a little easier.

As soon as the brain pressure lifts, my mood normalises.  It is such an obvious change and happens within seconds.  Before going through withdrawal, I would not have believed that mood could change so quickly and be so instantly affected by physical changes in the body.  One minute feelings of despair, the next minute optimistic and looking forward to getting well again.  I know that pain affects mood but this change is just so instant and so marked.

We are always learning new things about our bodies and minds during this process.  Hopefully tomorrow will be a day free from pressure on either my brain or lungs.

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