A tired day

Slept all night and all morning.  Not much energy at all today.  I did however venture out for a walk late afternoon and managed to go round the complex and down to my local supermarket.  I was happy with that.  Back home, I set about doing some housework.  Ten minutes of vacuuming the carpet is as much as I can manage but even that gives me great satisfaction.  It is amazing how little achievements can boost one’s confidence.

Spent quite a few hours on the laptop as usual, Facebook, emails, blogs etc.  Was pleased to see a message from my sister on Facebook asking how I was doing.  Typed out a quick reply and pressed enter.  Then I realised the message had been written in 2010!!  Ah well, better late than never I suppose.

Two of my friends set off to Canada this morning.  Am I envious?  Well of course I am.  Wish I could go on holiday.  Never mind, maybe next year.

Hopefully tomorrow will be another good day, hopefully not such a tired one.

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4 Responses to A tired day

  1. indigobluehair@gmail.com says:


    I am in Canada. Great place to visit .. 😊

    That Facebook message from your sister made me chuckle…😉


    • fhfrench says:

      I have some distant relatives in Canada. Maybe some day soon. I have been to Ottawa but it was work-related and I was only there for a short time. Hope you are doing okay.


  2. indigobluehair@gmail.com says:

    I hope you can come too..I am 6 hours from Ottawa. It’s a beautiful city, our countries Capitol.

    I am in a rough spot and wave. Just trying to push through. Find some positive each day.


    • fhfrench says:

      I am sorry you are having a difficult time just now. It is good to try to find something positive in each day but there are many days when that is very hard to do. And of course there are also days when it is downright impossible except that it is always a day closer to being well again. Big hugs xx


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