Just another day

I slept so well last night and that usually bodes well for a good day but it didn’t work out like that today.  Woke about lunchtime.  Tried to go for a walk but my legs were not in walking mood.  Was very tempted to hop on a bus again just because I wanted to do SOMETHING, ANYTHING rather than come back home to bed.  It was such a lovely day.  Anyway after the disaster of getting on a bus last week I thought better of it and came home.

The afternoon was not good.  Head heavy, brain not functioning, not able to think, not able to use the laptop, fingers not working, legs twitching, the usual sort of stuff.  However, by evening I was feeling a bit better so ventured out again.  Walked round the complex and then down to my local shop and back.  Bought a cake of chocolate!!  One of the downsides of getting out – I can now treat myself to little snacks and put on weight!! 😟😟😟

So just another day.  No excitement. But another day closer to being well again. 😃😃😃

And tomorrow might just be a better day.





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