A good day

It hasn’t been quite such a good day as yesterday, but I have managed to do quite a lot despite feeling very tired and sluggish.  Was up bright and breezy and out for a walk at 7.00 a.m.  Now that is unheard of for me.  Even managed to walk downhill to the local church and even more impressive I got back up the hill again.  Then it was back to bed where I fell sound asleep for an hour or so.

Went out again in the afternoon as it was a lovely sunny day.  My elderly neighbours were sitting outside in the sun so I sat and chatted to them for an hour.  I then set off for a walk but I really was too tired.  However, the lure of a chocolate ice lolly took me down the hill to the local shop and eating it took me back up again. It was a struggle though and I felt quite dreadful afterwards.  So back to bed and a very long sleep.  I used to sleep a great deal during the day but that has diminished considerably over the past few months but not today.

Went out again in the evening.  Still mild so very pleasant.  Stuck to walking round the complex, two circuits in fact.  Must have walked about a mile today which is pretty good.  It is hard mentally concentrating on putting one foot in front of the other.  It doesn’t just come naturally most of the time.  It seems to be easier than doing things like housework because then I have to think about what to do next and I keep getting sidetracked and can’t focus on what I set out to do in the first place.  Not that any of that matters of course.  Things do get done eventually, just not in the order I had planned.

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