Not such a good day

Ah well, these things happen.  Have been stuck in bed today.  Pressure on my brain and lungs but not nearly as bad as a couple of weeks ago.  Walking/breathing/typing all very difficult.  I have been wondering what my GP might make of all this.  I haven’t seen a doctor for 18 months and even then they were sceptical about this being benzodiazepine withdrawal syndrome.  If  told her I had pressure inside my brain and pressure on my lungs I wonder what would happen.  The little devil inside me is almost tempted to find out. Can’t be that ill, can I?

And a blast of Mick Jagger and the Stones will cheer me up no end. Hope you have all had a listen on my welcome page.  Was listening to John Lennon last night.  It is amazing how the 60s music is still so popular.  I sometimes imagine being in an old folks home in my dotage and the pop music will be blaring out, well we will all be a bit deaf after all.  But that won’t be for many years yet.

Every day I view the plight of the asylum seekers in Europe with such horror and dismay.  I hope the UK Government sees fit to do more than it is doing right now.  The fact that I can listen to the news on the radio again is also a good sign of improving health.

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