Went to spread some margarine on my toast and the margarine was very very soft. Thought my fridge was on the blink. Panic started to rise. Took the fuse out of the wall socket. Got an old bedside lamp out of the cupboard and took the fuss out of the plug. Wrong number of amps. No idea where my box of fuses is.

Then I started to wonder if the margarine had been in the fridge at all or just sitting on the worktop, getting warmer and warmer. I have now put a thermometer in the fridge and so far all seems well. What a life, really!!! I could feel the panic rising at the thought of having to buy a new fridge.

I don’t even feel in the mood for laughing about it.

The fact that the light was on in the fridge seemed to escape my notice.

Now I am laughing!!! 

And of course it all reminded me of Dad’s Army (old UK comedy)



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2 Responses to Don’t Panic

  1. Rae Paterson says:

    I did exactly that the other day. Panic ! Typical of the frig to die while Mike is away. Then I realised that the margarine had been out of the frig for an hour and it was a warm day. Glad I didn’t go to the trouble of plugging in a lamp to check though. Love the Dad’s Army clip too !


  2. fhfrench says:

    Isn’t that funny!! Hope Mike is having a good fishing trip and no more panics for you while he is away. Hoping to have a panic free day here today. Love Fiona xx


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