Went for a walk

Felt really unwell all morning and was waiting for a gas engineer to come and look at my boiler (long story!!)  In the end he didn’t turn up and I was just so relieved, not my usual reaction to such a situation.  Have rescheduled for next week, an afternoon so I should hopefully cope better.

Set off for a walk in the afternoon feeling rather despondent as I didn’t feel all that good.  However, it went well.  My walking was good, legs moving freely and I made it down the hill to my little supermarket.  I can see the sea on the way down, not a great view, but it is still good to see a little bit of the water.  The weather is gradually getting cooler.

So another mixed day but one which has ended on a good note.



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2 Responses to Went for a walk

  1. Rae Paterson says:

    That boiler situation goes on and on …….. It had started when we were there. I love the way you battle on even when you are feeling bad. Lots of love from Rae. ( Mike will be home from his fishing trip at the weekend. Caught no fish!! But enjoyed it anyway !)


  2. fhfrench says:

    Yes, the boiler is a bit of a long story!! So glad Mike enjoyed his trip. Shame about the fish though. Love Fiona xx


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