Emerging out of the tunnel again

Okay it was only a little tunnel and I knew the end wasn’t far away but it sure has been a miserable couple of weeks.  Last “good” days were 7th & 8th October.  Yesterday was spent sleeping or lying in bed with legs twitching, muscles squeezing and contracting, and some head pressure/brain squeezes/facial numbness.  Even my teeth felt weird.  Slept all morning today.  Spent the afternoon in and out of the toilet and tonight all my symptoms have gone more or less.  I still don’t feel very well of course but no more twitching, squeezing, contracting.  Sheer bliss.  I knew it was all connected to my bum problems.  Just hoping tomorrow is going to be a “good” day.  I miss going out for my little walks and getting some fresh air.

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4 Responses to Emerging out of the tunnel again

  1. Rae Paterson says:

    I am keeping my fingers crossed for you too Fiona. Hope tomorrow will be a great day!
    With love, Rae


  2. Indigobluehair@gmail.com says:


    Hoping you are still feeling some relief.

    Always thinking of you.



  3. fhfrench says:

    Thank you both so much. Finding it hard to remain positive but I am sure I will soon perk up again. xx


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