Better day

Been a quiet day as far as symptoms go.  No leg twitching,  No muscle contractions.  Managed to walk to the corner shop for milk but I didn’t feel well at all.  So back to bed for the rest of the day.  Evening has been quite good.

Got a new mobile phone so amused myself with setting it up.  It was a bit stressful but I managed it.  My cognition is definitely an awful lot better than it used to be.  Still some way to go though.

I watched Downton Abbey (TV programme) on the laptop last night.  It was enjoyable but the experience made me feel really quite ill.  I can only surmise that it is the combination of audio and visual stimuli that is too much for my brain.  After all I can use the laptop for hours and I can listen to the radio for short periods.  I can’t cope with the TV for very long at all.

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