I forgot to blog

The past few days haven’t been very good.  I have had a few hours here and there that have been okay but the rest of the time has been kind of miserable.  Been awake during the night and asleep by day.  That used to happen a  lot but not so much recently.  But I have been reading a bit and managing to absorb information to some extent.  Also watched some TV during the night and it was okay.  Had a bath and washed my hair yesterday and felt so terribly ill afterwards.  This happens off and on.  I wonder if the brain can’t cope with the hormonal changes that occur due to the temperature of the water.  It could set off a chain reaction.

I have a dental appointment tomorrow but little hope of being able to keep it.  That is disappointing as I managed to keep a few appointments a month or so ago.  Never mind, it can wait, it is just an old filling that needs to be replaced.

Hope everyone is doing okay.


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