A very good day

Today has been quite remarkable.  My brain is very clear, not 100% by any means but perhaps 70-80%.  I can function physically and cognitively reasonably well.  However, I am very tired which is understandable.  I feel as though my baseline has suddenly shot up by about 10%.  I have also been awake all day which is most unusual.

So today I sat in the lounge for an hour or so, working on my laptop, enjoying the sun shining in.  😎😎  Normally I have to sit in bed with pillows at my back for support.

I had a shower.

I also went for a walk and managed two circuits of the complex where I live.

I did some dusting – the first time in a month!!

I spoke on the phone for an hour.

And the rest of the time I have been on the laptop.

What a busy day it has been. 😄

Is this going to continue I wonder!!



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