Another good day

I have been very busy on my laptop as usual.  Emailing various people who are involved in supporting those who are withdrawing from benzodiazepines.  Have read harrowing stories of people’s suffering, people who have been left permanently damaged by these drugs.  it is appalling.  I am however hopeful, a little hopeful.  The All Party Parliamentary Group which has recently been established in the House of Lords is certainly grasping the nettle.  They meet later this month.  They are going to push for a national helpline, specialist service provision throughout England, better training for GPs, more research into the long term effects of benzodiazepines etc etc.  All the things that are badly needed.  I wonder how long it will take for anything to happen.

It has been a good day.  I can read, remember, concentrate and think fairly clearly.

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2 Responses to Another good day

  1. Rae Paterson says:

    Yay!! Sounds like you may really be coming out of the woods now. I know that it doesn’t necessarily last but the last few days are very promising. Lots of love from both of us.
    Rae and Mike.


  2. fhfrench says:

    Lots of love to you both too. Fiona xx


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