Another busy day

Was awake all night and here I am awake in the middle of the night again.  I can’t sleep, I am thinking too much.  I am also very angry but I think it is a healthy anger. I wrote to the Chief Executive of the local Health Board today so I will see what sort of response I get.  I also contacted another firm of solicitors.  Keep wavering about this.  When I get angry I want to take legal action but the feeling usually fizzles out.  I am now talking to three women in the UK all aged 70.  All have gone through or are going through a terrible withdrawal. How many more are there?  There are no statistics, nobody knows.  It isn’t right.  I hope I will manage to get some sleep soon.

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3 Responses to Another busy day

  1. Rae Paterson says:

    Your heading should be “Another busy day and night ” ! Taking the action you have is such a constructive way of dealing with your anger and at the same time hopefully gets your story out there. Good on you Fiona !


  2. fhfrench says:

    Thanks, Rae, yes it feels good to be doing something and to be doing something constructive about all this. The scale of the problem is simply unknown and I am sure it will be the same in Australia. People do not realise the pills are making them ill and the doctors who prescribe them have no idea either. It is appalling. One in seven people in Scotland on anti-depressants. This is ridiculous but of course the drug companies will be happy. I have been so naive. Not any more though. xx


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