A sleepy day

I slept all night and half the day, waking at 3.00 pm.  Brain very sluggish and just feeling unwell.  This is when I get despondent and wonder if I will ever really get well.  The solicitor I contacted is too busy to help me.  Ah well, might try someone else, then again maybe not.  Local journalist emailed me.  He will definitely publish.

Thinking of requesting a brain scan when I am a bit better.  No conclusive evidence of long term brain damage as yet but the research is almost non-existent. I am hoping I can say to others my brain is fine after 40 years of consuming benzos but of course the result might not be so positive.  Still it would be worth doing.  Don’t know if the NHS can afford it!!!!!!!

Gosh I really need a good laugh, this is all getting a bit too heavy and serious.

Hope everyone is having a “good” day.

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4 Responses to A sleepy day

  1. Rae Paterson says:

    A brain scan would be fascinating. You sort of need before and after benzo scans. And that could never happen now. Maybe the poor mice have to be the ones to prove it .


  2. fhfrench says:

    I wouldn’t subject any mouse to a benzodiazepine!!!! xx


  3. indigobluehair@gmail.com says:

    Praying for better days for you my friend❤️
    Keep holding on.

    We are having the nicest November Winter in Ontario for awhile. No white snow yet. I will take it.



  4. fhfrench says:

    Hi Audrey. I am glad you are having nice weather. It is nice here too in Aberdeen but expect it will change soon. It is going to be very windy later on I am told but still not cold. I was very low yesterday, feeling I was permanently damaged, Today I have rallied again and have been in touch with national TV. They are to get back to me. I hope you are coping too. Hugs Fiona xx


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