Photographer came today

I slept well last night so had a reasonable day.  The photographer from the local paper came this afternoon.  He was interested in my story so stayed quite a while.  Then  I popped upstairs to see my neighbours, an elderly couple approaching 80.  One of their friends age 80 was taken off her anti depressants by her GP, just like that.  She couldn’t get any sleep so another GP put her back onto them.  This is what worries me – the elderly.  Another lady in Scotland is also being interviewed by STV so we will both be in the same news item.  At age 50, she has been left damaged after coming off effexor and does not believe she will recover.  I hope that televising the issue will provoke a public response.  I need to know if this is a big problem or not.

Spoke to two more journalists today.  They weren’t quite so keen because it is already going to be publicised.   I think I will give it a rest for now and just wait and see what transpires.

I am worn out tonight.  I don’t feel well, a bit breathless.  Not good on my legs at all.  It is very upsetting and disheartening.

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