Was on STV news tonight

I was dreading what would be included in the two minute broadcast but it wasn’t too bad.  However, they used the word addicted again which makes me very angry.  They also said nitrazepam was a tranquilliser.  You have to wonder why they can’t get simple facts right.  The local paper sent me a draft of the piece they are going to publish.  It also contained basic mistakes.  It seems to me that no-one has the time to do anything properly, or perhaps they just can’t be bothered.  The petition isn’t attracting much interest despite being shown on the TV screen, tweeted by the journalist and placed on the TV website.  It makes me wonder if all this is really such a problem after all.  Perhaps people are just taking the drugs and struggling on with their lives just as I did and they will only realise that something is wrong when it is too late.  It is all very sad and I feel sad tonight.  Can’t sleep.  The world is full of sadness and tragedy, psychiatric drugs is just one problem amongst many.

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2 Responses to Was on STV news tonight

  1. Aft35 says:

    Oh Fiona, I hear ya. The world is too rushed, for sure, but somewhere, perhaps subconsciously even, you are being heard, and your words will ring true. Heads held high! I just checked you petition – looks busy today!


  2. fhfrench says:

    Thank you, Aft. I have been talking to two journalists today in the national (Scottish) press. I always have to make sure people don’t think I am talking about the UK!!! Petition isn’t going well really you know. Half of the people signing are only signing for my sake because they know me. I want to hear from people who have been badly affected by these drugs. Not just MY friends and family. I did see a few very heartbreaking comments though. Those who have been badly affected have suffered so much. It really is all wrong. I just hope the national press will highlight the wider issues involved, not just my personal story. Take care. Fiona xx


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