Action on Prescribed Drug Dependence (Scotland)

OK, so our campaign now has a name.  Never mind that there are only three of us behind it.  We all have to start somewhere.  Have set up another website just so we can direct people there when necessary and we have a campaign email address too.  I won’t be keeping another blog though.  One is quite enough. Heard from the women’s magazine and it was a rejection.  Ah well, us writers can’t win all the time. Disappointed though because the circulation figures were so high.  Phoned the Chief Executive of my local health board, well his secretary to be precise.  He hasn’t even had the decency to reply to my email of 7th November.  I would have thought that after all that I have had to endure he could at least have responded.  Secretary took my phone number so we will see what happens about that.

Went out for a walk and it was really cold.  Brrrr!!!  Walking was quite good today, better than it has been for a while.  Hope this continues.  I suppose I will have to start thinking about Christmas but I am not really in the mood. Time is creeping by and it will be here before I know it.




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