Been a good day

Went to the dentist in the morning and coped well.  Friends met me there and we went for a coffee afterwards and then got the bus home.  I felt so much better than the last time I attempted to go into town with the bus so I am very pleased about that.  Have been sitting up in the lounge all evening which is unheard of.  I am always in bed.

Spoke to a documentary maker in London today. She was badly affected by psychiatric drugs and is trying to get a commission to make a programme. I am so pleased that someone with her skills is keen to campaign on this issue also.  The more I delve into the subject and read about people fighting for decades to get recognition, the more I realise that this is really something that the Government wants to do nothing about.  Spoke to a journalist who said he wrote about nothing else for a while but in the end he had to give up as he was getting nowhere.

An MSP replied to my email and is going to table a Parliamentary question here in Scotland.  I won’t hold my breath.  No doubt he will get some bland response.

I will keep plugging away as others have done with no success.

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