Went out for lunch

Thought I would venture into town but it wasn’t a good idea.  Met friends for lunch but soon felt very unwell.  Had hoped to buy a few things but it was no good.  Just had to come home.  Fell asleep.  Sent my story off to another magazine.  Don’t suppose they will be interested.  However, have spoken to a TV producer who IS interested in making a documentary. So that is two possible documentaries. Photographer was supposed to come yesterday but postponed until tomorrow.  Another Scottish paper but not getting my hopes up this time.  Local paper still hasn’t bothered to publish.  No idea why.  I would have thought my story was of some interest compared to some of the stuff they do publish.  There is no rhyme nor reason.  Have made a new contact in England.  We are discussing the possibility of a book.  I don’t know when I am going to get any free time the way things are going.  What about this quiet retirement I was going to have, enjoying myself, cruising round the world.  I don’t know.  This isn’t quite what I had planned.

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