Sleeping all night

The last few nights have been much better as I have been asleep!!!  Not only that I have been awake all or most of the day which is a new phenomenon.  It has taken nearly three years for my sleeping pattern to normalise.  I actually waken up in the mornings and stay awake, that is a real novelty.  I start to feel sleepy towards bedtime which is also a change.  I used to feel very tired and very unwell and go to sleep.  Now I feel sleepy and it feels good. I don’t know it this will continue or if it will all become topsy-turvy again but I am enjoying the normality of it for now.  Seeing so much daylight is also very nice.  Today we have had a snow shower so it is looking very pretty outside but no doubt it is also very cold.

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3 Responses to Sleeping all night

  1. Marian Jones says:

    That’s brilliant news Fiona and long may it last. You have suffered so much that I pray this is the turning point for you. You have inspired me to plod on myself and to have a good sleep pattern again would be my dearest wish. Take care……….. Marian x


  2. Rae Paterson says:

    How great to just feel “normal”. I really hope it continues. X


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