Walking in the rain

Well, actually it was hailstones but I really didn’t mind.  I was happy to be outside in the fresh air.  I didn’t walk far.  It was nice when I set out just in case you think I have gone completely mad!! I wouldn’t be surprised if I had gone mad.  Sometimes I have thought it was a definite possibility.  But then how would you know if you had.  I don’t suppose you would notice.  So maybe I am mad.  Ah well, as long as I’m happy, it doesn’t really matter.

I also managed to do a little bit of housework today which was a real treat.  I have never enjoyed housework but now it is different.  Dusting and hoovering bring a smile to my face.



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1 Response to Walking in the rain

  1. Rae Paterson says:

    Good news – but it’s all relative, isn’t it ? Most people wouldn’t rejoice at walking in a hailstorm, or dusting or hoovering or changing bed sheets. But when you haven’t been able to do it for so long it’s exciting! I’m so happy for you.


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