Went to the doctor

I finally managed to get to see a doctor.  I decided to go privately because it is easier to get an appointment and also possible to get longer appointments.  I was particularly worried that I might have a rectal prolapse but my fears were unfounded and it is in fact haemorrhoids.  I have been worried about that for at least a year, probably longer but didn’t feel well enough to see a doctor.  I also had blood tests done and they have come back normal.  So all in all it was worth going and I have some peace of mind again.

On a more cheerful note I have made a hairdresser’s appointment for next week. My hair hasn’t been cut for about five months so it is a real mess and getting on my nerves every day.  I also have a dental appointment next week for a filling replacement so hopefully I will be able to go.  If not, it can wait.  Otherwise each day is much the same.  I am getting out for a short walk most days which is really good.

Maybe some day this blog will be about something rather more exciting than my continued struggle with benzodiazepine withdrawal.  The GP yesterday had no knowledge of protracted withdrawal but she listened to me and believed me.  But I wasn’t really consulting her about that per se.  I even got a coffee while I was waiting so that was very nice. And she spent nearly an hour with me when I had only paid for half an hour.


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2 Responses to Went to the doctor

  1. Lily says:

    Hello Fiona,
    That is great news! I am so happy you could see a Dr. and that the results were good. I’m very happy for you to have peace of mind.
    I come by and read here and am thankful for your on going progress.
    Bless you,


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