Friday 13th

Not that I am superstitious or anything like that …..

I went out this afternoon with some rubbish to the communal bins. The bin is inside a wooden enclosure and, guess what, the gate slammed shut behind me and I was locked in. Now the gate is quite big and I am quite small so I was just tall enough to wave my hands above the top of it and by jumping up and down I could make my face visible!!  Only managed a few jumps. I tried to shout for help but my voice was so weak. Thankfully, there were two workmen in the car park who saw me and came to my rescue so all was well.  The neighbours then appeared and we had a good laugh.  My elderly neighbour isn’t very tall either so she has been warned.

Then I started to think what would have happened if it had been late at night and no-one was around. It would have been terrible. In my defence, the bin had been put back into the enclosure sideways so you had to go right in to lift the lid up. You should be able to lift the lid up from the front. I don’t have much strength now and the lids are really heavy so it is quite an effort to lift it up.

And so after all that I decided the best place to be was IN BED. Far safer.

It is Friday 13th after all.

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1 Response to Friday 13th

  1. Rae Paterson says:

    Oh my goodness !!! As you say it could have been awful. Thank goodness for the workmen. Bed is safer but not nearly as exciting !


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