Clearing out continues

The past week wasn’t very great at all.  It was back to sleeping 12 hours and not feeling very good when awake except late at night and into the early hours.  My daily walk was best done at bedtime.  Yesterday I was awake all day, and my brain was overactive.  I had to keep busy the whole time, never stopping so I got quite a lot done compared to usual.  Unfortunately, my body isn’t really up to it yet so it was a struggle.  I am continuing to clear out as much stuff as possible from my flat.  Friends are coming round on Thursday night to put large items out to the communal bin area for uplifting by the council.  A chest of drawers (over 40 year old!!), a trunk, a broken gate leg table (40 years old) and a smaller table.  Only allowed 4 items.  That trunk was bought in 1972.  I spent the summer working in a holiday camp after leaving school and accumulated so much stuff I had to buy a trunk to bring it all home.  Then I took it all the way to Bradford when I started University there (short-lived disaster!!).  Now I am wondering how on earth I was able to travel with a heavy trunk.  I am only 5′ tall after all.  Must have been strong enough in those days.  I was a dab hand at the shot putt at school.  Can hardly believe that either.

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