A year of blogging

I can hardly believe it is almost a year since I started this blog.  I was so full of optimism.  I had imagined I would soon be ready to leave the Benzobuddies forum where I had kept a blog since 2014.  I thought I would soon be blogging about getting back into life.  Little did I know I would still be in bed a year later.  Progress has been so painfully slow and I am now much more realistic about the future.  Recovery is going to take a long time, maybe another year, two years or more.  I have come to terms with that now.  I wish it were otherwise.  So I guess my blogging here is going to be pretty boring for quite a long time yet.  But every little improvement brings great relief and hope for the future.  There really is no comparison between how I feel now and how I felt for the first 2-3 years.  So in a few years time I hope there will be no comparison to how I feel now.  Let’s see.  It might just we worth waiting for.

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