New washing machine

I decided to buy a new washing machine.  It has been far from straightforward.  I have integrated appliances and they can be such a nightmare.  I would not recommend them.  When the washing machine came it did not fit into the allotted space without certain adjustments being made.  I sent the machine back to the shop because I wasn’t sure if the adjustments were feasible.  Called out the plumber/electrician and he said it would be okay.  Re-ordered the machine and it came yesterday.  It took the plumber/electrician three hours to install.  I was so wound up as it seemed to be so problematic.  However, I managed to cope and it is all done and dusted and I am happy with my new machine.   It took such a lot out of me.  Maybe this time next year I will be able to cope with these things more easily. I do hope so.  I have now done all things that needed to be done in the house so I am pleased about that.

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