Still doing well

It makes such a difference being out of bed for 6-8 hours a day.  It just makes life seem a little bit more normal.  And being able to go out for walks and watch a bit of TV.  Although it isn’t a huge change in ability to function, it has been a huge boost psychologically.  Have made an appointment to get my hair cut next week.  It is so good to know that I have every chance now of keeping such appointments.  I no longer dread these things in case I have to cancel or worse, fail to cope.  Had my eyes tested at home this week.  Have a family history of glaucoma so was a bit concerned I had gone three years or more without getting checked out.  All is well in that respect but I do need new spectacles.  I didn’t feel well enough to tackle that so will wait for another day.  The weather still isn’t great, hasn’t been all summer which is a shame.  It isn’t really bothering me.  I don’t mind walks in the rain!!

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1 Response to Still doing well

  1. Rae Paterson says:

    I feel so happy for you. Although it seems unfair to be excited about feeling ” normal” I am so pleased to hat the awful times seem mostly in the past now. It is also wonderful that you can now make plans and expect to be able to keep them.


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