Almost three years

It is almost three years since I first became bedridden.  It has been a terrible ordeal.  The improvements that have taken place have been huge.  I no longer feel terribly ill.  I just feel a bit unwell.  All the pain and suffering is over.  I just wish I could function a bit better.  Still getting up for a few hours most days and managing a ten minute walk outside.

In spite of all the progress I am still not sure if I will make a full recovery.  Logic tells me that there is no reason why it should not happen given the progress so far but deep down I fear some of the damage may be permanent.  Only time will tell.

My long-term memory is quite bad but my short-term memory seems pretty good again.  I am playing online computer games as well as doing word puzzles the old-fashioned way.  I do some crosswords but not so good at them any more.  Sudoku is an awful struggle but I have always found it difficult.  Fed up with daytime TV already.  Occasionally there is a good programme.

Hopefully this time next year I will be functioning much better than I am just now.  I do hope so.

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4 Responses to Almost three years

  1. Rae Paterson says:

    We hope so too! You still have to make the trip to Australia !


  2. Fiona French says:

    Some day I will make it. xx


  3. Fiona French says:

    Oh wow. I just can’t wait!!


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