A momentous week

No, I have not made a miraculous recovery!!!  Although I have to say that the way my brain is recovering seems pretty miraculous at times.  No, I am referring to the events in the media this week.   First there was the Victoria Derbyshire programme on BBC2 highlighting the dangers of antidepressants.  Then the documentary by Shane Kenny was released – “The Benzodiazepine Disaster”, comparing it to the Thalidomide disaster.   (see previous blog post).

Yesterday BBC News reported a statement from the British Medical Association calling for a UK-wide helpline and specialist services for those who have become dependent on prescription drugs.  Yesterday morning there was an hour long radio programme on benzodiazepines and late at night there was a follow-up programme and I was able to talk for a few minutes.   Today the BMA has issued a press release as has the All Party Parliamentary Group on PDD,  supporting the BMA’s call for action.



APPG for Prescribed Drug Dependence joins BMA call for a national helpline


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