Article in British press

The Daily Mail published an article yesterday.  Pleased with the thrust of it.  Disappointed with the use of the word “addict’ again and with the quote from Professor Maureen Baker.  Tried to post a comment about that on the Daily Mail website but it wasn’t published.  The paper seems to close the comments section very quickly.

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4 Responses to Article in British press

  1. Rae Paterson says:

    Isn’t it amazing how a story can suddenly mushroom? It is beginning to seem like everyone wants to get on the bandwagon now. And that’s exciting and due in a big part to your hard work. I haven’t actually read the articles or listened to the broadcasts ( I have had other things on my mind!) but you should be proud that you have been able to get the information out.


  2. fhfrench says:

    Thanks, Rae. I know you have more important things to think about right now so don’t worry about keeping tabs on my blog!!! Scottish TV is interested in following up my story so that will be the next thing. Not looking forward to it but think it is important to keep getting publicity. Love to you all xxx


  3. Rae Paterson says:

    Hi Fiona. I like ” keeping tabs” on your blog. I do need other things to occupy my mind right now. It’s exciting that Scottish TV is interested too. Will they come and interview you ? The stories are really gaining momentum.
    Love Rae XXX


  4. fhfrench says:

    Thanks, Rae. I know you will need to think of other things too. Think about you every day. Yes, STV will come to the house. BBC SouthWest (England) is interested and planning something. We are just waiting for the Department of Health in London to make a decision about funding a helpline etc. No idea how long we will have to wait. Trying to put pressure on the Scottish Government but I am limited in what I can do. Love Fiona xxx


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