Still in bed ….

Have been in bed now for a couple of weeks.  Have been quite low and weepy.  I really didn’t expect this to happen after my long spell of getting out of bed and going for walks outside.  Had to cancel tomorrow’s  hygienist appointment.  Also had to cancel the dentist not so long ago.  However, I have managed to write my Christmas cards and they have been posted.  Have ordered my groceries online, to be delivered 20th December.  I got caught out last year, left it too late and all the delivery slots had gone.  So there was no Christmas dinner here!!!  Will do better this year.

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3 Responses to Still in bed ….

  1. Marian Jones says:

    Sorry to read your news but maybe you just need that little extra rest and am sure you will soon be your strong self again. Will reply to your mails asap. Have hospital appointment this week and hope I get good report myself so I can continue where I left off with withdrawal. xxx


  2. fhfrench says:

    Hi Marian. Thanks for reading my blog. I hope your appointment goes well and there is no hurry to reply to my email. Take care. xxx


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