Winter has arrived

We have our first significant covering of snow.  I don’t imagine it will lie for very long but it looks nice.  I am now walking for 5 minutes every hour indoors to try to strengthen my legs and doing some other exercises too.  I can feel a difference already since 1st January so that is very positive.  My spine is very stiff so that will take a while to loosen up.  My ability to walk is determined by the strength of the signals from my brain rather than the strength of my muscles.  If the signals are strong, I can walk, if they are weak, I cannot.  I am hoping that exercise will strengthen the signals as well as the muscles. I still have loss of sensation in my hands which is upsetting because I spend so much time on the laptop or the tablet.  When I can’t type, I can’t communicate with people online.  And so a New Year has started and who knows what it will bring or how it will end but as long as we keep moving forward that is the main thing.

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2 Responses to Winter has arrived

  1. Rae Paterson says:

    ……..and as everyone keeps saying to me, for a different reason, one day at a time. I think it works.


  2. Fiona French says:

    It does seem to be the best strategy.


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