Media activity

There have been two articles in the Daily Mail newspaper – last week and this week – once again detailing the story of Luke Montagu who won over £1 million in damages but also promoting a new book, edited by James Davies, author of Cracked, new book is called “Sedated Society” and is available on Amazon.   James Davies was speaking alongside Prince William at an event which is great news.  Prince William has set up a mental health charity, Heads Together, which promotes talking instead of pills.  BBC Radio 5 Live is doing a whole programme on A/Ds at the weekend.   There was short piece on BBC Newsnight but it was a mixture of addiction/dependence, it was too short and too muddled for the general public.  BBC Scotland is now planning a programme about A/Ds.  This is the first real media interest in Scotland apart from my very brief interview on Scottish TV.  STV has still to broadcast my second interview so have given them a nudge. And the hospital drama, Holby City, again on BBC, featured a patient having problems with A/Ds.  The BBC is clearly taking this issue seriously.

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