Neurology appointment

I coped with the one hour train journey from Aberdeen to Dundee with great difficulty.   Sitting in the train was okay, it was getting to the station by taxi etc. Walking very poor.  Nearly fell out of the taxi, high step, lost my footing. My friends were brilliant as were the railway staff.  Wheelchairs came at the right times.  Was very well looked after.  Hotel was fine, view of the river from my room.  Made a lovely change.

I was woken yesterday morning by an almighty jolt in my brain at the back so wonder if this is another sign of my brain being “kicked back into action”.  Felt better and was on the ball and held my own with the consultant in the afternoon.

Consultation was an hour long, would not get that on the NHS. He had no referral letter from my GP!!! So I gave him my copy with the various mistakes marked … and big exclamation marks!!!  He was clinical, detached, no rapport. Examined me and said I was in better shape than he would have expected given my inability to function physically etc. Said he did not believe symptoms were due to coming off nitrazepam. Strongly hinted that it could be psychological …. but pressed by my friend he said it could be neurophysiological.

He agreed to brain and neck scan, various tests which I can’t remember but includes EMG and nerve conduction. Bloods were taken but not sure what is being tested for, he did not tell me, but I will get all the results I assume. Tests/scans to be done in Aberdeen. And he is arranging neuro-physiotherapy I believe. I am a bit vague, it is all a bit of a blur now. Could not follow his simple instructions to lift my leg etc. Had to ask him to repeat three word instructions!!!  Not sure why that is.  Told him he was just like a politician because he would not answer my questions.

So I am satisfied, got what I wanted, I didn’t expect anything better. Had hoped it would be better but it wasn’t. The one thing he was sure of was that I did not display signs of dementia but still getting brain scan to see if any abnormal brain shrinkage has taken place. I want to know that.  It would have been so nice if the consultant had actually discussed any of my symptoms or some of the events of the past few years but he didn’t.  The only think he wanted to talk about was the fact I had not phoned a doctor in 3 years.

Phone call today to say MRI scan is tomorrow.  So that will be another big event to cope with.  This is all very exhausting.    Thanks to everyone who has supported me through all this.  It is hugely appreciated.

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2 Responses to Neurology appointment

  1. Rae Paterson says:

    I have been wondering how you got on . Seems like some good and not so good information. But at least things are moving now and you might get some of the answers you have been looking for. It still seems that no medical professionals are able or willing to help you – or even acknowledge your situation. Hope you can have a good rest at the weekend after all your unaccustomed activity.


    • fhfrench says:

      Thanks, Rae. Brain scan went well today. Managed to cope with the noise so that shows there has been another improvement. I have no idea when I will get the result but it will come when it comes. I do hope you are doing okay too. A day at a time …. Love Fiona xx


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