Scans, blood tests etc

The MRI scan showed some non-specific findings common in the over-50s, and probably due to vascular change.  The neck scan suggested I may have signs of osteoporosis so I need to get another scan for that.   I am still waiting for some blood test results.  The nerve conduction tests proved negative.  The neurophysiologist seemed very aware of the damage benzodiazepines can do or maybe he was just humouring me.  His strategy is to keep talking to the patient and take their mind of the electric shocks and needles.  I wasn’t too impressed when his letter came in … apparently I am now 74 years old!!!  He doesn’t deserve to be paid after a mistake like that.  Anyway, I have added to his retirement fund and saved the poor old NHS some money.  I told him what I though of the neurologist but I don’t suppose he will pass that information on to him.

I really wish I did not have to go near a doctor again but I will get the scan for osteoporosis.  My focus now is trying to explore other avenues and I am trying to make life a little easier. I am going to get help in the house.  I have organised a neurological physiotherapist and a nutritionist to come and see me.  I am thinking of trying acupuncture and maybe other complementary therapies.  May get a wheelchair so my friends can take me out.  Hopefully this strategy will help me to get through spring and summer and then I will re-assess.

I have been interviewed again by the national (UK) press.  The photographer was here today.  Article should be published next week.   I have no idea whether the publicity achieves anything but we feel we have to keep trying.   The Government does nothing.

I had hoped for some honesty from the doctors I have consulted but that has been sadly lacking.  I can only conclude that they pay lip service to the code of medical ethics that they are supposed to abide by.  Mind you, I knew that before all this.  I discovered that when working with them.  It is hard not to feel bitter.

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2 Responses to Scans, blood tests etc

  1. Rae Paterson says:

    ” First, do no harm ” ? But I am glad that you are seeking alternative therapies. I think acupuncture is a great idea. I have had it and so has Tilly! She stood very still on a low table while the veterinarian acupuncturist put the needles in her. It was amazing !!


  2. fhfrench says:

    Thanks, Rae, I am sure if Tilly enjoyed her acupuncture, I will too. Maybe reflexology would be a good idea too. Take care. xx


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