More publicity in the UK press

The Daily Mail newspaper is officially backing the campaign by the All Parliamentary Group and the British Medical Association to get a 24-hour helpline and specialist services for prescription drug dependent patients.   Journalists continue to use the word “addict” and “addiction” inappropriately which is very annoying but I am prepared to put up with it if we can achieve our aims.

We have a Facebook Campaign Group which we are now calling “Prescribed Harm UK” or “PHUK”.  Those of us who have been seriously damaged have quite frankly had enough.  We are no longer prepared to be reasonable or nice.  It is clear that there is now a deliberate strategy on the  part of the UK medical profession to conceal and deny the damage done by benzodiazepines and antidepressants.  Vague diagnostic labels such as “neurological functional impairment” and “medically unexplained symptoms” are used alongside spurious diagnoses such as ME/CFS to cover up “prescription drug damage”.   This is totally unacceptable.

I have written to the neurologist in Dundee telling him that his denial of such damage in my case was neither “good medical practice” nor “good patient care”.  I don’t suppose he will respond.  I declined the offer of a review appointment.  I plan to follow through with the NHS neurology referral to see if I will find yet another doctor unwilling to be honest.  I have no hopes of being pleasantly surprised.

On a more positive note, I have had one session of reflexology and that was quite nice so I am going again this week.  I am going to be tested for vitamin and mineral deficiencies, I am sure I will have quite a few.  I made it to the hygienist today after a failed attempt yesterday.  I had to leave as I felt so unwell.   I have made some lentil soup … this is a huge thing for me as I have been unable to cook for the past 3.5 years.  I have to space out the preparation of vegetables as it is too much effort and makes me feel quite unwell.  This upsets me greatly but I will persevere.

I have decided to claim disability benefits because I am so angry about my situation.  It seems that I will have to pay for any sort of therapy that is likely to be of benefit to me as well as a home help once a week.  I would not have minded this if the reasons for it had been different.

I was very struck by this article in the Daily Mail today.  A young girl, paralysed after being given the HPV vaccine, told by doctors her condition is psychological and the family now have to organise and pay for their own help.   It seems that this is the medical profession’s typical response to harm resulting from their treatment.  Has this always been the case, I wonder.  I suspect it probably has.   There are many girls reporting similar problems after this vaccine.   I hope these girls will recover in time.

1st April will mark the start of my 5th year of being free from nitrazepam. And what a fool I was!!!   Was it really worth it?  Right now, I would say no, it most certainly has not been worth it.  But of course I do not know what life would have been like had I stayed on the drug.   I can’t imagine it would have been worse than this but I could be wrong.  We can never go back, only move forward and hope things will get better.




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2 Responses to More publicity in the UK press

  1. Rae Paterson says:

    I think you should feel proud that you have been able to raise public awareness of the danger of these drugs. I know that the use of the word “addict” annoys you and is inaccurate but it is a word that the general public understands and it conveys the impact of the drugs in a way that horrifies people.
    You have inspired me – I am going to make soup today !
    Love from Rae


  2. fhfrench says:

    Hi Rae. Thank you so much. I am very pleased at the recent publicity and the work of the All Party Parliamentary Group seems to be bearing fruit. Yes, I know the word addict is something the general public understands and I am sure the journalists use it to create an impact. A few of us are now preparing a petition to the Scottish Parliament to see if we can get some action north of the border. I will be very happy when I see a change in Government policy on these drugs, both at Westminster and Holyrood and of course Wales and Northern Ireland too. I am glad I inspired you to make soup …. I hope you enjoy it. I have a few servings in the freezer now. Love Fiona xx


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