Home help started

I was quite anxious about the home help coming today but she is a very nice lady and it was no problem.  I just felt the need to tidy up and clean before she came which is silly really but that is what I normally do when visitors come.  She popped out to the shop for me and that is going to be really handy.  Otherwise not a great deal happening.

My letter about “Medically Unexplained Symptoms” is going to be published in the paper version of the British Journal of General Practice.  I wonder how many GPs have time to read journals nowadays as they are supposed to be so over-worked.


I wrote to a couple of journalists at BBC Scotland who have already shown an interest in the subject of prescription drug damage.  When the petition is up and running on the Scottish Parliament website we might get some media interest here in Scotland.

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One Response to Home help started

  1. Rae Paterson says:

    I’m glad that the ” help” was helpful and not too invasive. It is amazing the things that we get anxious about but when it happens it’s not so bad after all !
    Lots of love, Rae. XX


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