Eye clinic today

After a few very difficult days, I managed to go to the eye clinic for another assessment of my left eye.  There are lesions which have caused bleeding in the retina and laser treatment is recommended.  Not very happy about that, really not happy about any sort of medical intervention now.  Wasn’t even happy to have dye contrast for imaging.  However, I managed to have images taken twice and sit in the eye clinic for 3 hours.  I was able to follow instructions which I haven’t been able to do at the last 4 appointments.  I also managed to absorb what the consultant was saying though I always have a friend with me in case I miss important information.  Today was the first time that I have spoken to a doctor who did not go silent or refuse to talk about the impact of benzodiazepine withdrawal on my brain.  She did not think there was a link to the bleeding in my eye.  She did not have a referral  from my GP because I was referred by optician so I wonder if that made a difference.

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