Another disastrous GP consultation

Visited the GP yesterday, the one who “does not want to get involved”, accompanied by a friend.  Asked for copy of his report to drug regulatory body, MHRA.  I had asked him to submit the report even though it is 4 years since I came off Nitrazepam.  Apparently my withdrawal reaction to the drug is “not serious”.  I am wondering if he thinks my experience has been insignificant or if the MHRA definition of serious means death or near death.  No bone scan result yet (3 weeks since scan).  No psychopharmacologist in Aberdeen but was offered yet another referral to psychiatrist who deals with “Medically Unexplained Symptoms”.   I just laughed when he said that, I couldn’t help myself.  I declined of course and asked to be referred to Prof David Healy in Wales.  He has expertise in adverse drug reactions.  I don’t know if this will be approved (costs money).  GP said he had no idea what is wrong with me and he doesn’t have the intelligence of people like Prof Healy!!!!  I left the consulting room very distressed.  It is just mind games.   On a positive note, our petition to Scottish Parliament is getting support from a variety of people, medical and non-medical.  Petitions Committee Meeting is on 29th June.

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