GP report to MHRA (drug regulator)

Report sent at my request from GP to MHRA at 4 years off Nitrazepam.
Start date 01/01/2014 to 21/04/2017 – should have been 01/04/2013 but never mind.
Dosage – don’t know!!!!!!!!  (could not be bothered to look up prescribing records)
Indication – Anxiety/Depression/Sleep – not sure what indication means but I was prescribed it for myoclonic epilepsy not for any other reason whatsoever.
Action taken as a result of reaction – withdrawn
But withdrawal was the cause of the reaction.
Did I take any other medication in 3 months prior to reaction – No. Well I was taking 225 mg Venlafaxine.
Other information you think might be important.
MRI and nerve studies were thought to be normal for age. Neither of these tests were meant to detect any of the adverse effects of withdrawal. Wanted scan for “brain shrinkage” and nerve conduction tests only test from waist downwards. My issues are emanating from brain.
Suspect Reactions
Patient felt neurological symptoms ++ since withdrawal for several years since coming off medication. walking problems, cognitive decline.
Note the use of the word “felt” … all intended to imply it is in my mind.
Outcomes of the Reaction
This is patient’s perception – not proven.
Diagnosis – patient has asked me to record the problem
Do you consider the reaction to be serious?   No
Well I suppose I am still alive.
Description of the suspect reaction (including the sequence of events, any treatment etc)
Patient very upset about the effect coming of nitrazepam has had on her last 4 years.
At least that is true, I am upset.
Do you think this reaction occurred as the result of a mistake made in the prescription, dosage, dispensing or administration of the medication?
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4 Responses to GP report to MHRA (drug regulator)

  1. Rae Paterson says:

    Oh my goodness ! I don’t even know what to say any more. No wonder you are angry.


  2. Fiona French says:

    It is OK, I now know exactly what I am dealing with. It is either ignorance on a grand scale, arrogance, incompetence or dishonesty or all four. Whichever it is, I no longer have any respect for these doctors. They have absolutely no idea what they are doing and so it must be in my mind. They are incredibly stupid.


  3. Rae Paterson says:

    I also think it is fear of a huge class action. Very few doctors would NOT have prescribed these drugs so they could all be found guilty of causing untold damage if enough people joined in. As for the drug companies ……. Imagine if they had to take responsibility !


  4. fhfrench says:

    Yes, I am sure that is the whole problem. The profession will now be extremely worried and will do everything to cover up what has happened to patients. There is no other explanation for what is happening to me. It is not lack of knowledge. That could be openly discussed openly. To simply say they have no idea what is wrong with me is not credible. I have given them the links to the research conducted by Professor Heather Ashton.


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