Grenfell Tower disaster

There has been an absolutely tragic fire in a tower block in Kensington, London.   Many trapped in the upper floors.  Possibly 70 dead.   It seems that the cladding on the building was a major factor in causing the fire.  It has been banned in other countries.  Some of the poorest people lived there and they had complained many times to the Council about the fire risks and had been ignored.   Kensington is one of the richest boroughs in the country and millionaires live next to these tower blocks.

The Government and Council response has been inadequate.  The emergency services were fantastic as always but the community itself seems to have been left to organise help for those who are now homeless.  Prime Minister Theresa May once again seems unable to meet with ordinary people or to show any appropriate emotions.  She comes across as “wooden” when interviewed.    People have been demonstrating today outside 10 Downing Street.  Her Premiership seems doomed.  Yet Brexit talks start next week and it is not a time for leadership contests again.   Senior Tories are supporting her probably because no-one else wants to take on the job at this time!!!

This is the third tragedy in recent weeks.  A suicide bomber in Manchester targeted a pop concert and killed many young people.  And three terrorists with knives killed many people at London Bridge.   And now this tragic fire.

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